Business Historic District

Business Historic District Palm Springs, California

At the August 11, 2009 Historic Site Preservation Board (HSPB) meeting, city staff announced that while cleaning out files they “discovered” paperwork regarding an administratively forgotten historic district. The Las Palmas Business Historic District was created by Palm Springs City Council Resolution No. 15858 on May 7, 1986 – more than 23 years ago. City staff indicated that a legal review of the documentation revealed that the historic district remains valid. The full implications of this discovery will be the topic of the September 8, 2009 HSPB meeting. In short, the properties designated as Class 3 and Class 4 sites under the city’s earlier preservation ordinance are equivalent to (respectively) non-contributing and contributing properties in an historic district. Future proposed alterations to these historic properties (whether contributing or non-contributing) will require review by the city’s HSPB.