Gillman Residence

Dr. George & Sadie Gillman Residence 574 West Mariscal Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262

The Gillman Residence, designed by architectural designer Herbert W. Burns in 1948, was featured in a January 14, 1951 article in the Los Angeles Times Home magazine. The article described the house as a “sophisticated sun seeker” and lauded Burns’ color planning as “in the same tonal harmony as the desert itself.” Next to the front door, Burns designed a large gridded wall of square cut-outs, set with horizontally-ribbed opaque glass illuminating the entry hallway.


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In March of 2021, the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation board of directors assigned the task of writing the Class 1 Historic Resource nomination for the Dr. George & Sadie Gillman Residence to PSPF board member Steven Keylon.

Courtesy Lance Gerber
Courtesy Lance Gerber